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Read what 144 of your friends and neighbors have to say about Castle Carpet Cleaning.

“I have used other carpet cleaning services and was unhappy with the results. I was pleased with the quote I received from Castle and chose to go with them. The cleaning was completed in a professional and timely manner. Your employees were courteous and conscientious.” Diana Esser, Moscow
“I appreciate the on-time appearance of both the estimate person and the cleaner.” Sharon Walbridge, Pullman “I have been very pleased with the Scotchgard Protector – It does work!” Virginia Sievke, Tekoa “Thank you for your great service. The young man who cleaned our carpets today did an excellent job; he was very polite and professional. Thank you again!” Julie Lemm, Moscow

“Trustworthiness of cleaner. Thorough cleaning, Careful with home furnishings.” Barbara Lentz, Palouse “Castle did a better job than other I’ve tried.” Barry & Shannon Gaines, Colfax “You cleaned our office carpet and it only took once to get the walk way clean and it took other companies two or three tries.” Jill Zimmerman, Moscow “The carpets were perfectly done with a clean dry finish. The fit the number of carpets and the kind of superior quality that it was. We’ll call you again for sure and spread it around to our friends. Great work!” James & Carol Dale, Moscow

“Thanks for doing a great job – it looks like new.” Grace Karp, Moscow “You came highly recommended … and I must say you surpassed my expectations! Very, very nice work! Thank you …Excellent work!” Dave Tredo, Pullman “I have used Castle for several years and have been very satisfied. Keep up the good work.” Joanne Worthy, Pullman “My living room carpet has been down 22 years and I was thinking it needed replacing until I saw how nice it looked after you were done cleaning. Also – my upholstery looks like new! Thanks!” Joe & Truda Fox, Oakesdale

“We chose you this time because you were available on short notice. Rental property that needed a quick turn around. We were extremely pleased and plan to use you again in the future and tell our friends. Thanks! “ Glen Williams, Pullman “Thanks for working us into your schedule. Carpets look great!” Anne, Moscow “Thanks for your courteous, quick, professional job (on a very hot day no less). Thanks & best wishes!” Janine Parry, Pullman “Thank you very much for rearranging your schedule to accommodate me after our arrangements got mixed up. It’s a pleasure to work with people who can deal with unexpected events so professionally. I hope the rescheduling didn’t cause you any problems.” Wendy Lawrence, Moscow

“I can depend on their workmanship. I will recommend them to my friends.” Geneva Davis, Moscow “Stains are removed and do not return a few weeks after the cleaning is done.” Jill Shapiro, Moscow “Dust removal and odors too. Dries quickly. Have done a great job – I feel it it’s cleaned like I want for better health and appearance. I want a professional job to keep the carpet quality maintained. Thank you for always being courteous and flexible. Thanks.” Randal & Carolyn Rice, Moscow “Excellent service, friendly staff, dependability.” Gary & Sandra Cann, Moscow

“Experts like you that take the time to explain the methods and chemicals used. Your excellent customer service and your technical personnel. Your doing and excellent job. Keep up the good work.” Michael Gallardo, Pullman “Good discounts and excellent service.” Richard & Ingrid Spence, Moscow “I had them before and was pleased. The carpet wasn’t so wet & seemed cleaner than the Chem Dry method.” Rose Blake, Pullman “Excellent. Uniform clean appearance, dirt as well as spots removed. Good work, powerful equipment.” Anna Mutin, Pullman

“Prompt appointments, quality cleaning, good customer service! I did not feel like every inch was another dollar. Employees were very courteous and helpful.” Rhonda Comstock, Moscow “Excellent service – much better than competitors.” Sally Tee, Pullman “The carpets really did look great. Thanks.” Anne, Moscow “We chose Castle due to the experience and high recommendations from our family – Ann Moser of Genesee and friend – Dorothy Cox of Kendrick. We were impressed with their results. Everything was done to perfection – Thank you!” Diane Heinen, Kendrick “I’ve been very satisfied with your previous work. So much so I require departing tenants to present receipts from you to receive an full refund of deposit. I’ve found your work to be both prompt and efficient.” Jim & Debbie Howerton, Moscow

“Quality of work (job) done and price. I’ve tried two other’s – no contest! Don’t change.” Shirley Lindquist, Moscow “We have had excellent results having it done by Castle before.” Kay & Jerald Adams, Moscow **** “Have used both Chem Dry and Castle in the past. Chem Dry did a good job once and an awful job next time. Castle gets the carpet much, much cleaner & fluffier, and the personnel are a better sort of person. Chem Dry carpets get dirtier immediately.” Connie Bollinger, Moscow “That the carpets be really clean & stay that way. We’ve used you for several years – since you started – and have always been pleased – you guys are great!” Robin Rourke, Moscow

“Excellent, looks better, dries quicker, stays clean longer.” Holly Hein, Pullman
“Heard you were good – They cleaned my carpet the time before and I was very satisfied.” Frank & Carolyn Behling, Troy “Your price was reasonable & I was impressed with the helpful and considerate estimate.” Donald Waller, Pullman “Recommended by friend, reliable about being on time to give estimate and then to clean the carpets. Results were better than I hoped – with light colored carpet, 2 cats, one dog, children and lots of traffic this cleaning was really needed…after the work, no more pet hair, soiled spots gone – even where the cat tipped over the glass of tea…twice!” Debra Brooks, Pullman

“Best quality and fast drying” Dr Ann Raymer, Moscow “Thanks guys for always being so prompt! We appreciate it- Rugs look great!!” Anne, Moscow “Excellent. That it lasts! Because the carpets seem to stay cleaner longer & they look great!” Marysue Itani, Pullman “Thanks! It looks great.” Jack, Moscow

“I’ve felt the cleaning and service superior.” Bev Krauss, Moscow “Thanks for the nice job.” JS, Pullman “They do the best job with the best equipment.” Debra Pipher, Colton “You were recommended by Brown’s and Waterman’s. Could not be any better – Darrell was very friendly, helpful & did a great job.” Glen & Grace Westberg, Moscow

“You do top quality work, are honest & dependable, fair pricing.” Laura Baune, Moscow **** “I have a housecleaning service & have seen the cleaning done by several other companies. Your left no residue on carpets, looked great & had more satisfied customers. Joyce Price is a client of mine – she loved your work (me too!).” Laurie Stone, Pullman “Carpets get clean, dries quickly. Good service – high quality.” Marci Stephens, Moscow “Carpet looks cleaner after your service has been here compared to other companies. A competitor recommended you after he couldn’t get carpet clean!” Kimberly Wade, Pullman

“Quick response, professional & quality job. Long history of good service.” Tom & Joann Trail, Moscow “Castle is the best service I have ever had. I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the cleaning as well as the care taken when moving any furniture. Darrell did an excellent job! I don’t think I could have asked for a better job.” Collette Cohen, Moscow “The look of the carpets after drying was excellent. Spots on carpet another company tried to remove were eradicated after Castle Carpet Cleaning was finished.” Mardi Bolick, Pullman “Thanks. Terrific job. I’d forgotten how blue my carpets actually are.” Theresa Memmel, Pullman

“Price was about the same but you responded quickly and had person actually look at the job, my husband was won over by your personal, professional mannerisms.” Rita Koontz, Moscow “You did a fabulous job & I appreciate all your hard work. Thanks so much!” Jennifer Scott, Moscow “Good new equipment and trucks, unlike other cleaners in the area” Roberto & Suzanne Bamberger, Pullman “Excellent job, excellent service…the carpet looked like new.” Katherine Byrne, Pullman

“Good results, fast, dries fast.” Joyce Price, Pullman “It was a long time ago but we called another cleaning service – moved all the furniture to get ready for them – they came and refused to clean the carpet because of pet stains – Castle did clean it and it was much better.” Beverly, Pullman “Thanks, the house really feels different – more vibrant – didn’t realize how “dead” it was before.” Lauren Fins, Moscow “We were so glad we had you Scotchgard our living room carpet. A friend spilled a glass of red wine on it, and I didn’t think there was any chance it would come out. We sponged it, sprayed stain remover on it and there isn’t a sign of a spot the next morning.” Mrs Gordon Iverson, Moscow

“You are 100% great.” Gary Pickelsimer, Pullman “Friendly, fast service. Quality work for reasonable prices.” Lydda Schneider, Moscow “The best carpet cleaners I’ve had. I’ll rely on you.” Diane Baumgart, Moscow “Customer Service, I called through the yellow pages. The lady I spoke with was kind and helpful without pressuring me to set up an appointment. I called back an hour later to set up an appointment and she still remembered who I was and had someone there the next day!” Jennifer Piippo, Moscow

“Looks great, smells fresh.” Hildur Lovel, Troy “Thanks so much for helping me and my gran!” Bridget Robson, Pullman “Thanks for a beautiful job.” Claudia Jaquish, Moscow “This will be the first time in 20 years we can’t blame the kids for dirty carpets. We’ll see how it goes! Thanks again for a nice job.” Liane Reynolds, Moscow

“Thanks for the great job! The carpet looks like new!” Kim Mescall, Moscow “Thanks – carpets look great.” Cliff & Ann Zakarison, Pullman “You did a wonderful job on the carpet! Thanks!” “Thanks! The carpets & couch look beautiful.”

“Thank you for deducting $60.00 from our bill because of the miscommunication over the estimate. We feel that you have treated us more than fairly and look forward to letting others know about your good work.” Jim & Tami Adams, Pullman “Thanks for your prompt service and help with insurance adjuster.” Wendy, Pullman “Thank you. We were very pleased.” C. Rice, Moscow “I love my clean carpets & furniture. Many Thanks!” Mary Steenberg, Moscow

“I love my clean carpets. Thanks for doing a GREAT job!!” Jodi, Moscow “Thank you, Great Job!” Huba, Moscow “Thank you for your efficient service.” Dale Graden, Moscow “The carpets & rugs look great and dried very well. Thanks.” Geneva, Moscow

“Thank you for the fine job on the carpet.” Don R Dudly, Moscow “Thank you! The carpet looked great.” Pam Thompson, Moscow “Thank you! The carpet looks great.” Joan Cass, Fly Away Travel, Moscow “Thank you for the good job!” Lynn Bandur, Moscow

“Thanks, the quality of work was great, your people were prompt, efficient, and professional and at a competitive price – nice job.” Tim Crawford, Moscow “Thanks, It was a great job. The basement rug never looked so wonderful.” Fritz & Mary Hughes, Pullman “I’m very pleased with the quality of your work. Thanks, for the spot cleaner.” Margaret DeMartini, Pullman “Thanks so much. Again, a very nice job as usual with something that seems impossible to get clean.” Rusty, Moscow

“It looks wonderful, Thanks.” Dixie Hunt, Troy “The young man who did our floor was very pleasant to have in the home, and did a BEAUTIFUL job on the floors. Please send him next time.” Joanne Sutton, Moscow “The carpets look great. Thanks for the good job.” Monte, Moscow “Thank you, looks great!” Robin Rourke, Moscow

“Looks Great!!” Mary Hoffman, Colton “Thank you for the Great Job.” Jean Kelly, Moscow “Thanks so much for the lovely job you did on cleaning our furniture.” Mary B., Pullman “Great Job!” Sharon Hindman, Pullman

“A very nice job as usual. Thank You.” Barbara, Palouse “Don’t know how you got all the spots out but thank you for great job.” “I wanted to write and tell you how pleased Barry and I are with the job you all did on our carpet. It looks beautiful! I have shown many friends and family members the terrific job you did and have highly recommended that they call you! Again, thank-you for a job very well done!” Denise, Moscow “Thank you for doing a wonderful job of cleaning my stairs and hallway. I knew my stairs could look better than after the other service finished….Thanks again for your thoroughness & excellent work!” Diane, Pullman

“Thanks! You did your usual GREAT JOB! We appreciate you!” Anne Louise, Moscow “Just a note to tell you that my carpet is resplendently clean!! Thank you! It looks new!” Nancy, Moscow “Thanks! You do good work!” ALC, Moscow “The carpets look great!” Cathy

“Fantastic Job! Thank You!” JF, Moscow “Thank you for your great work..” Sincerely, Joanne, Pullman “Carpet looks great! Thank You.” Anita, Pullman “Thanks guys! As usual it looks great.” Anne, Moscow

“Can’t thank you enough for doing such a great job!” Kathy, Pullman “Beautiful job. I appreciate it.” Pullman “Thank you, It was an excellent job.” Virginia, Pullman “We truly appreciate your professionalism and responsibility. It is a nice asset in Moscow. Thanks!” Tricia & Jim, Moscow

“Thanks, You did a great job!” Eldonna, Tekoa “Thanks, Good job” Virginia, Troy “Thanks for everything- The carpet looks great.” Susan, Pullman “Thanks! Carpets look great!” Debbie, Pullman

“Thanks, everything looks lovely.” Sandra, Moscow “Everything looks wonderful! Thank you,” Marilyn, Moscow “Thank you! Everything looks great!” Alison, Pullman “The carpet looks terrific. Thanks for a job well done.” Denise, Moscow

“Our furniture & carpet look wonderful. Thank you very much.” Kay “Hi! The carpets look great. You two do such a good job. Thanks a lot,” Helen “Everything looks great. Thank you.” June, Tekoa “Thank you very much! The carpet is clean again & looks great!” Cindy, Moscow

“Good job. We are pleased!” Ella, Tekoa “They do an excellent job.” Mimi Smith, Bovil “The rugs were exceptionally clean; my husband was impressed.” Mrs. Owen B. “Thanks so much for doing such a beautiful job on my carpet and sofa. They look terrific!” Mary

“Thank you! It looks beautiful.” “Looked Great, Thanks” Wyman, Pullman “Thanks for the great work you did!” Al, Moscow “Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did! It looks great!” Sue, Genesee “I am very pleased with the job you did on my rugs. Will recommend you highly.” Ray, Moscow

“You were right. You did a wonderful job on the carpet. It does look like new.” “We think you people did a fine job on our carpets and we Thank You.” C M, Pullman “As always, a superb job. Thanks!” Barbara Stone, Pullman “The carpet looks great. I didn’t realize how much the dust & dirt had dulled the color. Thank You.” Helen, Moscow

“Thanks! Nice job.” Maryann, Pullman “Professional, high quality and thorough service.” Edward & Joanne Barton, Uniontown “Many thanks. The place looks great!” Lauren, Moscow “Carpets look terrific!! Thanks.” B.P., Moscow “I called because of the coupon. But I was impressed with the friendly service on the phone. And when I asked questions I was given intelligent answers. Your service was timely, courteous and thorough. Your equipment did the job and your employees know their job and are very helpful.” Daryl & Marchita Johnson, Garfield