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Carpet Cleaning by Castle

Carpet manufacturers recommend Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning to get the cleanest results possible. Thorough, frequent removal of abrasive soils keeps them in their best condition. Also the heat, water and vacuum reset the “twist” of the fibers, returning them to a new-like condition.

Hot water extraction with RotoVac 360

Hot water extraction with appropriate cleaning agents will remove from deep in the carpet those substances that can be harmful to your health: spores, mites, dander, etc.

Truck mounted steam cleaning, performed correctly, with the most powerful equipment, best cleaning agents available, with time and care taken to rinse and extract thoroughly gives our customers the most thorough cleaning possible.

It just makes sense; you wouldn’t wash your hair or your clothes without thorough rinsing! That is what we do for your carpets and furniture.

Your carpet will be clean-as-new when we are finished. All of the abrasive, sticky soils, and contaminants will be gone and your carpet will be fresh and clean. The cleaning agents, the water temperature, and the vacuum power, all have been designed to give you the cleanest carpets possible.

You should clean your carpets every year or two depending on the amount of traffic in your home or business. Carpet warranties require professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain the wear warranty, avoid excessive wear and maintain fiber resilience. For health reasons every 6 to 12 months is not too often.

The carpet manufacturers recommend Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning to do the most thorough cleaning and they require Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning to maintain the fiber wear warranty of your carpet!

Do we move the furniture?

We ask our customers to move as many of the smaller, more numerous items as you can out of the cleaning area. Things such as plants, lamps and knick-knacks – it is best if delicate items are Out Of the Area in which we are working.

We handle all the larger moving for you. Just leave things where they normally sit and we will move them back and forth as we go. We move them off their spot, clean and dry, and move them right back, using plastic sheets or Styrofoam blocks as necessary. This is less work for you and when we are done you are basically set up and ready to go, except for moving the little things back in.

Most often our customers will have us clean around pieces such as entertainment centers, dining room hutches, bookcases and pianos. If you want them moved and they are able to be safely moved, we require you to unload them first.

Stair Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning - Pre-vacuuming

Most homes are regularly vacuumed and do not need to be pre-vacuumed just before the cleaning. The vacuum power of our Truck Mounted equipment makes this step unnecessary.

Drying time—How long will it take to dry?

It depends on the type of carpet and degree of soiling. Thicker carpet and carpet that was more heavily soiled will take longer to dry. Some of our customers tell us their carpet dried in as little a 3 hours. More often it takes 6 to 12 hours. Sometimes it does take longer. We do everything we can to get it as dry as possible and shorten the overall drying time.

To get a carpet thoroughly clean, it requires a longer drying time. Dry cleaning sacrifices thorough cleaning for quick drying. If you have Carpet Protector applied it will extend the drying time. Upholstery drying time is a little longer and depends on the type of fiber. Natural fibers will tend to take longer to dry.

Drying Time - Time of Year

Some people are concerned about cleaning in the winter because they think the cold, damp weather will extend the drying time. We understand your concern. However, with our indoor heating systems, which all DRY OUT the AIR, the drying time is still just a few hours. We have tested and the humidity in the home only goes up about 2%. We do everything we can to make it comfortable for them, including using an insulated door blanket to block any drafts.

Method—”What method do you use?”

We use Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning. The machines we use are the most powerful made to do carpet cleaning. The stronger vacuum power, the higher temperature of water, and the proper use of the machine, ensure our customers the cleanest possible results.

We rinse the carpet repeatedly with hot, soft water to thoroughly rinse soils and cleaning agents out of the carpet. The strong suction provides maximum extraction of soils, and rinsing solution. Most carpets are dry within a few hours.

Carpet manufacturers recommend Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning as the most thorough cleaning method. It is the ONLY method that maintains manufacturer’s warranties.

We pre-spray with the cleaning agent to emulsify (dissolve) the layer of sticky soils that is in the top layer of the carpet. Then we rinse repeatedly to remove the cleaning agent, sticky soils and the deep down soils in the carpet.

Then we go over with dry-extraction passes to further remove any remaining moisture, soiling and cleaning agent. This final extraction cleans the carpet better and also dries it more thoroughly, shortening the overall drying time.

As a final step we groom the carpet with specially made brushes to give your carpet a finished, like-new look.

Carpet Maintenance

The most important step in maintaining your carpets is your regular and thorough vacuuming. Next important is prompt attention to spills and spots. With regular vacuuming and prompt spot cleaning you can both extend the life of your carpets and postpone the professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming to avoid wear: Vacuuming is the most important step to prevent fiber wear. The most abrasive soils are those that are tracked in on our shoes. Some folks try to go shoe-less in the house; this is helpful but hard to enforce. A good idea that’s easy to do is have entry mats (runners would be even better) that have long enough pile to capture the soil and can be tossed in the washer when dirty.

Spot cleaning for appearance: To maintain the carpets' appearance, prompt attention to spills and spots is vital. Keeping all eating and drinking on tiled areas is very helpful, but also hard to enforce. Keeping absorbent cotton towels and a bottle of our spot cleaner handy will help you clean up spills.

Spot Cleaning and Vacuuming: To extend the life of your carpets and your professional cleaning and to maintain your carpets appearance and prevent wear, you must vacuum thoroughly and often, weekly at least, and spot clean as necessary.

Appearance of Carpet - After Cleaning

There are other factors that affect the appearance of freshly cleaned carpet. There are marks left by our tools and there will be carpet wear that might be more apparent when the carpet is clean.

The hot, pressurized, soft water, the high powered vacuum, and the carpet grooming, all have an effect on the carpet’s appearance.

The carpet wand can leave some nap "streaks" on newer carpet (i.e. at the edges of rooms), and the grooming brush we use can sometimes leave faint brush marks. We do everything we can to minimize these marks. These should fade as the carpet dries.

Some carpets (maybe one in every 500 we clean), usually heavy commercial types, and older jute backed carpets, can pick up some moisture from the drying carpet fibers and form ripples. These can be apparent for up to a day or more. They will go away completely when your carpet is completely dry. This causes no harm to your carpet.

Some generations of nylon will form rows of crushed fibers or flatten out. Olefin can lose its luster and fluff within a year, even with the most careful maintenance.

Some carpets stretch from wear and this can be made apparent or more apparent by cleaning. The cleaning does not cause stretching. A carpet installer can re-stretch your carpet for you.

Soiling might have hidden your carpets wear. Dulling, crimp-loss and fiber-loss are all degrees of wear and can be more apparent after cleaning.

Appearance of Carpet - Wear

Matting and Crushing: These affects from traffic are not considered "wear" by carpet manufacturers and are not covered under wear warrantees. All carpets are going to crush and mat to some degree and show that they are getting walked on. These affects can be minimized with regular vacuuming, prompt spot cleaning and professional cleaning.

Traffic Lanes and Wear Patterns: The regular use of your carpeting over time may cause patterns of noticeable wear. These patterns of noticeable wear usually occur first in your traffic lanes and heavy use areas. Hallways, entrances to rooms, paths through rooms, and stairways, are all considered traffic lanes. Also, popular sitting or standing areas where your feet rest or stand for any period of time may show noticeable wear. These areas are usually found in front of your couches, favorite chairs, or bathroom sinks.

Three Types of Wear Can Affect Your Carpet. First is mild to regular abrasion from your walking on the carpet. This abrasion or rubbing dulls and roughens the surface of your carpet’s fibers. New fibers are smooth and glossy. As they are worn they become rough and dull. Any soil in the carpet or on our shoes or feet will increase the rate of abrasion of the carpet’s fibers. Vacuuming often and thoroughly reduces this type of wear dramatically.

Regular to heavy abrasion causes the second type of wear. This results in the carpet fibers losing their crimp or set. This can be caused by rubbing or scrubbing when spot cleaning or by some cleaning methods, as well as by abrasive soils being inadequately removed from the carpeting.

The third type of wear occurs when carpet fibers actually break off. This is the extreme of the previous levels of wear. Frequent vacuuming and regular professional cleaning will minimize wear by removing abrasive soils. Carpets not cleaned regularly and thoroughly will wear more quickly and noticeably than carpets that are maintained.

“Dry” Cleaning

The carpet manufacturers ALL recommend ONLY Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning to do the most thorough cleaning AND they REQUIRE Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning to maintain the fiber wear warranty of your carpet! 90% of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning; the trick is Truck Mounted equipment, properly used to thoroughly extract the dirt, cleaning agents and water used.

This is done by thoroughly EXTRACTING as a final step in cleaning: to vacuum out the final bit of soils, cleaning agents and water.

But ONLY Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning can truly, thoroughly clean your carpet. ANY other method is a surface/appearance improvement only and leaves residues behind that will rapidly re-soil carpet, eventually build up and RUIN your carpet.

Some professional cleaners who use Truck Mounted equipment have weaker equipment and don’t offer the thorough cleaning results we do.

Some cut corners on effort (don’t do as many rinsing and extraction passes as we do) and supplies (use cheap detergents that leave residues) and they are not able to offer the results we do.

Some “professional” cleaners use portable equipment. These small machines lack sufficient vacuum power and heat to thoroughly extract the cleaning agent, water and soils. These are the “cleaners” that leave carpets too wet, still dirty and sometimes in worse condition than if the hadn’t been “cleaned” at all.

Do-it-yourself “steam” cleaning, using portable machines may work well for occasional touch up cleaning, but they also lack the vacuum power and heat to do the thorough cleaning that we can.

Other cleaning methods clean for appearance only. For example dry cleaning methods do not employ rinsing or extracting, so they are not able to clean except the very top layer of carpet. Very strong vacuum power is necessary to work against gravity and thoroughly clean carpet.

We take care to have the best equipment and supplies and take the time and effort to ensure our customers get the Cleanest Carpets Possible. 

Spot and Stain Removal

Most common stains: Drink and food spills, oil and tar, dust, dirt, pollen, normal foot traffic are water soluble and aided by the cleaning agent we use, come right out. 

One reason we are able to get out soiling/stains that other cleaners can’t is the power of the extraction system we use, proper use and maintenance of the equipment, our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

We have more aggressive spot cleaning solutions and these are used with caution. We always rinse thoroughly after spot cleaning to extract the soil and the residue.

Some substances/soils can cause permanent staining, so we cannot Guarantee 100% spot/stain removal.