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Carpet Cleaning and Your Health


Your home's along with every other home's indoor environment is nation’s biggest air pollution problem. 

Your health will benefit from a thorough professional carpet cleaning. Dr. Michael Berry, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office of the EPA: “Every time carpet and fabrics are emptied of their pollution build-up through professional cleaning methods, there is a health benefit.” And “I have reached the conclusion that carpeting and fabrics not cleaned and properly maintained have the potential to cause a variety of health problems inside the building environment.”According to the EPA our biggest pollution problem is indoor air pollution. Modern homes and buildings are so energy efficient they block out nature’s air cleaning agents and trap pollution inside where you can spend 90% of your time, especially in the colder months.

Benefect Disinfectant
Dust Mites are a real health threat for millions of allergic Americans. In a cover story in USA TODAY, it was reported that dust mites “long have been the bane of many of the nation's 35 million allergy sufferers. A gram of dust can house up to 500 mites. An ounce can host some 13,500. They undermine the health of the allergic, triggering runny noses, headaches, and most alarmingly, asthma attacks, a condition that afflicts 14.6 million people in the USA. Experts say a war on dust mites is essential.”

Dust Mites are the single most important allergen. “Lie down with mites and the allergic ‘can get very sick,’ says mite expert Thomas Platts-Mills, director of the Asthma and Allergic Diseases Center at University of Virginia.” “Generally, allergic reactions are caused by any number of things - exposure to smoke, pollutants, viral infections and allergens like grasses, molds and pollen. But “in terms of a single allergen, the dust mite is probably the most important one.” Platt-Mills says.

Your healthy and happy home and the value of allergy prevention. “For the non-allergic, battling dust mites may be good for cleanliness and peace of mind” while maintaining a healthy and happy home. “People develop allergies at all ages,” says Michael Schatz, chairman of the public education committee for the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and he believes in the value of prevention.

Your family’s health: Your most important reason to clean. The EPA recommends you clean for your health and not just appearance. You spend a lot of time in your home, in your indoor environment. You need to keep it clean and you need to clean it the most thorough way possible. You clean your clothing thoroughly and completely for your health. It should be the same with your carpets and your furniture. Inadequate cleanings may give you a superficial improvement in appearance but they risk your health.

Don’t take chances with cost cutting cleaning companies, do-it-yourself cleaning machines or hurry up quick drying methods that don’t clean thoroughly. It would be better to postpone your thorough carpet cleaning and vacuum and spot clean more often than to clean your carpets improperly and inadequately.

Your health is at stake as well as your home’s carpets. When it comes to your and your family’s health and the appearance of your home, you want only the most thorough carpet cleaning you can find. Protect your home with the cleanest, safest, healthiest and most thorough carpet cleaning available: call Castle Carpet Cleaning today!