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For Emergency 24 Hour Flood Water Removal Call
208 882 7000 or 1 877 988 7000

Appointments & Free Estimates

For cleaning appointments call 208 882 7000 or 1 877 988 7000 weekdays from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM or e-mail custsvc@castlecarpetcleaning.com. Regular cleaning appointment and estimate times are weekdays from 9:00 AM until late afternoon. Evening and Saturday appointments are available for commercial cleaning and special requests. Please just ask. We are here to serve you.
Emergency water removal flood service is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. At this time we do not offer emergency cleaning services, other than same day cleaning during regular weekday hours.

Do I need to be Home?

You do not need to be home while we do the cleaning. If you prefer to be home we will schedule the cleaning at a time when that is possible. We can arrange to have a key, or you can hide a key. We would then lock our way out and return the key to where we got it. You may leave the house open for a short period of time until we get there.
We would lock our way out or leave it open per your instructions. Another option, which you may prefer, would be to meet us upon arrival, either by setting a precise starting time (the first appointment of the day) or having us call when we are on the way.

Before the Cleaning

To prepare your home, please move all small, numerous, decorative, breakable items, out of the areas being cleaned. These items include house plants, lamps, nick-knacks, clothing and toys.
You may pre-vacuum if you choose. Please point out any areas of special concern. Please leave the driveway open so we can get our equipment as close to the house as possible. We usually hook up to your outside hose bib. If this is not possible, please let us know.

What to do with your pets

Please have your house pets contained or restrained in some manner. Pets can be frightened by our equipment, so having them out of the cleaning area is better for them. Our hoses prop the door open about 4 inches through which pets can escape. If they were loose in the house it could cause a distraction or inconvenience to the cleaner. It is best to have them restrained out of the areas being worked in or worked through.

Your children, too!

It is better to have the children stay out of the cleaning area!

During the Cleaning

What we do first! We bring a cleaning supplies tray, a carpet cleaning wand, and upholstery tool into your home. Hoses go from the tools out to the cleaning plant in the truck. A door will be ajar about four inches to accommodate the hoses. In bad weather we have padding specifically designed to block this opening. This helps keep weather and drafts out. After each job we thoroughly wipe down hoses so any soil or pet hair from the previous job does not come with us to the next job. Outside we take care to keep our hoses on the sidewalk and driveway and not damage your lawn or plantings. Inside we also take special care to pad our hoses across hard surfaces and around corners to protect your walls and floors.

Preparing to Clean

In preparation for cleaning we move any smaller items necessary, and move larger items just off their normal resting-place. The dust around the edges that is not able to be vacuumed is loosened with a broom before we begin. No pre-vacuuming is necessary. Our 32 to 40 horsepower vacuum plant that is our cleaning machine makes pre-vacuuming redundant. The area being cleaned is pre-sprayed to loosen and suspend soils.

Rinsing and Drying

The area is rinsed twice with softened, restructured water, to remove, safely and thoroughly, the soils and cleaning agent. Two additional vacuum passes are made to dry the area. Furniture is moved back onto its spot, placing protectors under the legs as needed. After all furniture has been cleaned under and returned, the center of the room is cleaned.


After each section is cleaned it’s groomed with a special carpet tool. This helps set the fibers and helps us inspect any areas that may need additional attention.


A high powered fan is placed to help dry the carpet more quickly as we proceed on to the next area.

Finishing up

When all the areas you have asked us to clean are finished we remove all our equipment and make sure your home is neat and tidy, as we found it. We put back everything we have moved during the cleaning job. If you choose, a high-powered fan can be left with you, at no charge, to speed up the drying. We will pick it up the next day.

After the Cleaning

There are no steps you need take to "finish" the cleaning. No vacuuming is required after the cleaning. All soil and cleaning agents are rinsed out as part of our process. The carpet is dried as much as possible and groomed to lift and set the fibers. All large furniture that we have moved will be back on its original location and we will leave your home as "put-together" as possible when we are done. There are a couple of things you will need to do. Your smaller furniture and decorative items that you had moved out will need to put back, and any blocks under furniture will need to be removed the next day.

Free Estimates 

Call today for your Free Estimate for carpet and upholstery cleaning!

Our cleaning technicians will measure and write up an itemized estimate for whatever areas of carpeting or furniture you may want cleaned, with and without Scotchgard, and room by room, working in all our current Specials. Just call and let us know when you'll be available. We can even write up an estimate if you are not home.

Phone Estimates:

We are unable to give you an exact price for your cleaning over the phone because carpeting measurements, upholstery types and other conditions vary widely from job to job. To avoid misunderstandings we give Free Estimates!
We are happy to stop by at a convenient time for you and measure up and appraise your cleaning. We then write up your estimate with the exact price. This estimate visit is free. A copy of the estimate is yours to keep and you are under no obligation to schedule.
If you would rather skip the estimate visit and schedule an appointment don't worry. The first thing the we do at your cleaning appointment is measure and give an exact price for the work you want done to get your approval.