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Current Specials

Save 10% on your carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, 3M Scotchgard protectors and all upholstery cleaning.
Plus, you will Save 50% on your selected piece of upholstered furniture. Some limitations apply.

Prices & Rates 

Residential Carpeting  $.62 to .78/sf 
Commercial Carpeting  $.38 to .60/sf 
Unoccupied Carpeting  $.38 to .52/sf 
Scotchgard Protector  $.20 to .28/sf 
Area Rug w/handling  $1.00 to 1.50/sf 
Stairs - Regular 3’  $4.00
Protector / Stairs - Regular  $1.00 
Minimum Charge    $97.50 per half hour

Upholstery Cleaning & Protector Rates: 

Recliners  $77.50 to $127.50
Couches – Full   $95.00 to $195.00
Couches – Small  $75.00 to $155.00
Chairs – Large  $45.00 to $75.00 
Chairs - Small  $25.00 to $45.00 
Chairs – Dining/Desk  $12.50 to $35.00 
Ottomans  $15.00 to $25.00 

Sectionals price per piece

Skirting per piece  $5.00 to $20.00 
Fine fabrics / velvets add  10% to 25% 
Pillows /Cushions  $5.00 to $25.00 
Auto Interior
$75.00 or 1.00/sf

Motor Home price as upholstery

Upholstery – Other
$.50 to 1.00/sf 
Vacuuming upholstery  $97.50 per hr
Fluorosil Protector add  40-50% 

Other Cleaning Services:

Tile / Grout Cleaning 
$2.00  / sf 
Tile/Grout Showers $3.00 / sf 
Benefect Disinfectant    $.22 / sf 
Deodorizing-Heavy    $.04 / sf 
Odor Neutralizing Enzyme   $.20 / sf
Water-Claw clean / deodorize $97.50 / half hr 
Red Stain Removal  $97.50 / half hr 
Gum Removal $97.50/ half hr
Furniture Moving       $97.50 / half hr 

Flood Services & Rental Rates:

Service Calls include 2 Technicians, Truck-mount, Hydro-X-tractor, Testing, Furniture Moving & Blocking, Disinfection, Cleaning, Equipment Setup, Etc. 
Regular Service Call  $132.00
Emergency Service Call  $192.00
Late Night & Holidays  $397.50
Hourly Service Rate  $437.90
Emergency per man-hr  $67.00
Late Night & Holidays  $67.00
Monitoring Service  $65.00
Injectidry installation  $75.00
Benefect disinfectant   $.18/sf
New Carpet Pad   $5/ yard
Reinstall carpet & pad  $7/ yard 
Axial Fan / Airmover  $28.50
Phoenix 200 Dehumidifier
Drizair 2000 Dehumidifier
Phoenix Air Scrubber  $182.20
Dri-Eaz Air Scrubber  $57.50 
Turbo-Direct It
Injectidry System  $140 .00
Injectidry Floor Panels  $180.00
E - Heated Airmover  $255.00 
Special Equipment  dependent on rates 

Terms & Conditions

Prices, Rates and Payment: All charges are subject to adjustments based upon job size and accessibility, and the condition and type of carpet and upholstery. Rates are determined for each job on basis that is both fair and flexible. Payment is due upon completion of work. Interest is charged on any unpaid balance due after 30 days. A 90 day interest free payment plan is available upon request and approval. VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover are accepted.
Minimum Charge: A minimum charge of $97.50, depending upon the work performed and the equipment setup required, will apply unless work is a free re-cleaning or free courtesy cleaning.
Furniture Moving: Regular prices include moving, cleaning under and replacing all couches, loveseats, recliners, chairs, end tables, tables, small dressers, chests and all other small furniture pieces. Moving of metal framed beds, large dressers, pianos, shelves, and all other large or heavy pieces may require additional charges. Pieces that are loaded with items should not be moved, unless unloaded prior to cleaning appointment.
Odors, Stains & Spots: Carpeting and upholstery may have odors, stains and spots that we are asked to remove. We offer the most advanced professional cleaning methods and tools, and cleaning solutions and solvents available. However, we cannot guarantee 100% removal of odors, stains, or spots from your carpeting or upholstery. For no additional charge and to help with stains and odors, we will re-clean and / or retreat any area within one week after original cleaning.
Carpet & Fabric Fiber Wear: Fiber-wear, whether carpeting or upholstery fabric, may be concealed by soils that are removed by the cleaning. Unfortunately this fiber wear may be more noticeable after the cleaning. Fiber wear, wear shadows, traffic lane wear, or texture wear are unable to be removed by cleaning.